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Peyton was so happy to have Parker. She kissed his cheek quick as they stepped into his room. “I love you, too.” She mumbeled quietly. She looked around, “Your room is just like mine but totally neat.” She giggled, leaning against the wall.

"Yeah, that’s Cameron. Not me, aha you know that" Parker wasnt very neat. He didn’t like big messes, but he could deal with it. Parker searched around until he found the sheet. He read off what to do "We can.. swim, play tennis, workout, eat, watch a move in the theater room, or go for a walk in the courtyard" Parker waited for Peyton’s response. He wanted to get out of the building, but it was up to her.

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Peyton smiled gently, leaning her head on Parker’s shoulder as the walked. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” She said, as if it were something that nobody knew. “…I have to meet someone?” She asked, tensing up a little.’

Parker loved when Peyton put her head on his shoulder. He felt like her protector from all the mean, nasty people. Which he was. “I love you, a lot”. He kissed her, and they continued walking. “Cameron is really nice. He has OCD, so dont touch his stuff. He may get upset. But I dont mind that he does. It means less cleaning for me!” Parker tried to lighten the mood. Parker was upset about coming here too, but he tried to see the brightside of it. Less douche bags, less drama, no more fights. But Peyton had a tougher time. They reached Parker’s room. Parker reached in his back pocket, got the key and opened the door. “Cam?” He yelled in his room. No response. “We’ll go find him, okay?” He smiled. “So where’s this sheet” He left Peyton’s hand and started to search for it 

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